Small talk, big mouth!


we love Senegal

“I woke up this morning in Africa!”

This is how I respond every time on the same question:”Where are you today?” Depending of time zone in different hours, I will reply with different destination.

The reason is : I never wake up in the same place, and I never have the same view over the window, as well I never enjoy the same weather, the company of the same people, same grocery shops…

Why? – Pretty obvious, it is my job which permits this, and it is a big MUST to have a suitcases prepared, battery charger, underwear, a nice psychology book which keeps my interest for more than one hour, or a week , a pair of high heels, a black cocktail dress and one jacket! This is what I usually keep in my suitcase, no matter where I go…

If you were guessing  by any chance, here it is ! – I am a flight attendant .

I work for prestigious Airline on the Middle East, lovely job, lovely, lovely people , destinations, lifestyle, hotels.

You would  expect me to say the famous “BUT”? But, there is no “but”!

It’s not a brainer that I now and then  miss my family, some of my sedentary habits, but over time, things got changed. Once you leave the nest and you settle somewhere where everything you do makes you happier, wealthier, experienced culturally, spiritually, mentally, love it or not, You can never go back to the basics.

How did it all started?

The day I got accepted  in this company, was the pact with my Soul. I give it big S because it’s only my truth, my and unique.

Universe brought me up to life and liberated me for discoveries of  all of my fears and hidden desires and passions followed with hard work and bit of pain, but what is life without true struggle? People say, the pain is the only sincere emotion human being can have.. You can not control it and it is hard to heal it. This is the part where we all grow. Nastavi čitati “Small talk, big mouth!”